Strandzha – the mystical mountains of Thracians

Strandzha Mountains, spanning Bulgaria and Turkey, is often referred to as the “divine smile” of God due to its breathtaking beauty and enigmatic allure.

It is a treasure trove of discovered and undiscovered Thracian sanctuaries, dolmens, and ancient structures. Legends and factual evidence intertwine, creating a mysterious blend of science and mysticism.

Sanctuary of the goddess Bastet

The most intriguing mystery is the legendary Bastet’s tomb located at Gradishte peak. According to legend, an Egyptian goddess with a cat’s head was buried here, and her sanctuary serves as a portal to another dimension. An ancient Egyptian pyramid from the 10th century BC is hidden under layers of earth and rocks. Golyamo Gradishte peak houses a Roman-era fortress, while nearby rock holes served as an earlier rock sanctuary. The site remains unexplored by archaeologists, preserving its ancient secrets.

Thracian Sanctuary – Beglik Tash Observatory

Beglik Tash, discovered in 2003 near Primorsko, sheds light on the spiritual world of ancient Thracians. This megalithic complex served as a temple, calendar, and clock, dedicated to the Sun God and the Mother Goddess.

“Mishkova Niva” – an ancient Thracian sanctuary

Mishkova Niva features one of Strandzha’s oldest Thracian sanctuaries, including a unique domed temple with no direct analogies. The Propada area contains an ancient mound necropolis, with the impressive domed tomb of Propada as a significant example of Thracian cult architecture.

Indipasha, located in a deep valley, holds a legendary status for its miraculous qualities. Thracian priestesses performed sacrifices here and predicted the future. The water of Indipasha is considered highly healing, particularly on the Sunday after Easter.

Thracian Rock Sanctuary – The Area of Kamaka

The Thracian sanctuary of Kamaka, known as “The Stone,” has been a protected territory since 1981 under the jurisdiction of The Committee for Preservation of the Environment. Spanning an area of 0.2 hectares, this sacred site is situated along the Malko Tarnovo – Gramatikovo road, nestled within the Kamenska Barchina region. Steeped in history, it encompasses a complex of captivating stone formations composed of rare Strandzhan rock conglomerates. With its origins dating back to the time of the Thracians, Kamaka offers a glimpse into their ancient rituals.

This unique Thracian sanctuary is a complex of cut in the rock circles – small and big, protruding and coved, single and in groups and a number of small round basins hollowed out. At the west part of the area there is a natural phenomenon with a form of a mushroom – at the top you could see a basin, but at the foot of it there is a cleft where the sins were purged away. It is considered that the magnetic rock ensemble is connected to the sunny cult and it is devoted to the God-Sun. At this place the ancient Thracians made their mystic rituals and sacrifices.

At the highest and sunniest point of the rocks lies the remarkable sight of intricately carved circles, known as “solar circles.” These circles hold deep significance, representing the worship of the sun and the god Apollo. It is no wonder that these sanctuaries were typically situated atop open spaces, bathed in sunlight throughout the year.

Aside from the awe-inspiring solar circles, Kamaka captivates visitors with its breathtaking panoramic views and the whimsical shapes of neighboring rocks. One particularly striking formation resembles a mushroom, earning it the name “Kamenna gaba” or Stone Mushroom. At the base of this magnificent rock lies a narrow crack known as “proviraloto.” Legend has it that those who successfully pass through this crevice will enjoy good health throughout the year.

Visiting the Thracian sanctuary of Kamaka offers a unique opportunity to delve into the mystical world of ancient rituals and witness the extraordinary beauty of nature’s creations. This hidden gem promises an unforgettable experience, blending history, spirituality, and natural wonders. Embark on a journey to Kamaka and unlock the secrets of the Thracian past while immersing yourself in the enchantment of this sacred stone sanctuary.

Strandzha Mountain continues to captivate visitors with its ancient history, legends, and mystical experiences waiting to be explored.

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