Girls Weekend

Experience the ultimate Girls Weekend getaway at Eireann Lodge. Gather your best friends for a delightful escape filled with relaxation, adventure, and laughter. Our luxurious lodge offers comfortable accommodations, rejuvenating spa treatments, and exciting group activities. Unwind by the fireplace, explore scenic hiking trails, or indulge in delicious dining experiences. Create lifelong memories and celebrate friendship like never before.

Beauty weekends

Thanks to a special collaboration and excellent personal experience with the aesthetic clinic ELI ESTETIKA , we offer you exclusively the opportunity to get globally established advanced nonsurgical Beauty procedures at  best competitive prices during your stay. So you can return home not only fully relaxed and recharged, but also even more beautiful and rejuvenated. You can take advantage of:

ULTHERAPY – the world’s only non-invasive FDA-cleared SMAS Lifting for firming, tightening and rejuvenation of the skin on face, neck, under the chin, on the eyebrow and décolletage, reviving the own Collagen and Elastin naturally and nonsurgical. Single (one hour) procedure with long lasting effect and no downtime.

BOTOX TREATMENTS – injection method for smoothing of the skin based on the introduction of Abotulinum toxin type A. This procedure corrects the mimic wrinkles (forehead, glabellas, crow’s feet) giving as result much more fresh and youthful look. DERMAL FILLERS – injection method for nonsurgical rejuvenation and aesthetic corrections for visible improvement of facial volumes and contours (such as lips, cheekbones, periorbital and temporal area, chin and others) based on the very precise introduction of high quality Hyaluronic fillers.

Holiday Message
Holiday Message

Indulge in the ultimate pre-wedding party experience at Eireann Lodge! Elevate your girls weekend with cocktails, fillers, botox, and yoga all under one roof. Book now for a luxurious getaway like no other!